Teen Activities

We got some exciting things happening for teens this month! Blind Date with a book is happening now and lasts until the end of the month. Pick up your book in the youth department and make sure to return your entry slip by the 28th. Thursday the 13th at 5 we are going to have an Anti-Valentine’s Day Craft Fair. Join us to make black duct tape roses and pin cushion dolls. Thursday the 27th at 5 we’ll have our first meeting of the YA romance bookclub.

Finally…New Books 1/14!

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New Books 11/5

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New Books 11/1

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New Books 10/22

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“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

“Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.”

– Fernando Pessoa

Have you ever smuggled a paperback into the movie theater?  Do you have an irrepressible need to touch the spine of every book that’s lined up on a bookshelf anywhere?  Check out more books from the library then you can possibly read in the allotted time? Do you love the convenience of e-books? The distraction of a well-read audiobook? The smell of the classic hard copy? 

Bookworm. Literary-nerd. Bibliophile.

We want to help connect you with your tribe. 

New Adult Books 7/23

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It’s Time to Turn in Your Summer Reading Logs!

It’s Time to Turn in Your Summer Reading Logs!

Summer reading logs will be accepted downstairs in the children’s area starting Tuesday July 23. Bring your reading log in to exchange it for a new book and a semi-fabulous prize! The last day reading logs will be accepted is Thursday, July 25. The grand prize drawing will take place on Friday the 26th.

Bingo cards for adult summer reading will also be accepted through Thursday, July 25th and prize drawings will be on Friday the 26th.

Extension Office Visits Our Summer Programs

The extension office is set to teach cooking classes to our community’s kids, kindergarten through twelfth grade, this week. Today we talked about cooking safety and sanitation, prepared and enjoyed a small snack, read some stories, and even did some exercise! Join us Wednesday or Thursday for more fun with the extension office. (K-2 10:30-11:30; 3-5 1:30-2:30; Teen 3:00-4:00)

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New Adult Books…

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